Sunday, 21 November 2010

Mixing alcohol with cannabis

            Sorry for not posting lately, been really busy, ok now own with todays post,  it's about mixing cannabis and alcohol, let get this through first - this isn't gonna be anti-alcohol or something like that. Now there's saying a saw around the internet a couple of times "Grass before beer you're in the clear, beer before grass you're on your a**" and it kind of makes sense,just a few days ago I had quite a lot of beer (Not a drinker by the way , I used to drink quite a bit before, but now I've almost stopped) and smoked a little bit of cannabis, at first I felt good, but after like 30 minutes everything was starting to go downhill, I felt really "heavy" and it wasn't that bad at first, after another 15 minutes I was barely able to stand up, sweating a lot, feeling extremely nauseaus, heart is pounding and just one of the worst feeling in the world, so, if anyone wants to try this, use alcohol in moderation (I'd say no more then 2-3 beers (6% percent in alcohol in my situation)). Best idea would be just not to mix the 2.


  1. most likely a bad idea... id just stick to a glass of wine

  2. Had spread their cursed deed, and honourd name Following!

  3. I end up throwing up when I mix the two, i can never remember which to do first...