Sunday, 5 December 2010

Cannabis Cup

       Today is something I'd like to introduce to you people, it's the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, in a nutshell it's a lot of people from around the world judging various cannabis strains, related products etc., and it's been going on for 23 years. The last 23rd cup ended about 10 days ago on November 25th.Some of the categories that people judge are Best Sativa\Indica, Best Product, Best Glass, Best Hash and some more.
The cup also includes live music, comedy and an expo for marijuana-related products from cannabis-oriented businesses. It's been my dream to visit it and be judge for a long time, hopefully I'll get there sometime.

Here's a video from the expo, as you can see it's pretty crowded there


  1. that would be a cool convention to be at, best of luck on your goal of being a judge

  2. i was at the C.C. in San Francisco this year. It was amazing.

  3. I want to take the pilgrimage there someday. Sounds amazing. Something i've got to do once in my life.

  4. drugs are good mkay ? S ? mkay ?

    tigey, head of PL Team